How To: Impress on the First Day

How To: Impress on the First Day


One thought on “How To: Impress on the First Day”

  1. 1. Go bold with skinny jean color choice. I don’t mean plaid or floral patterned pants. What I mean is a sweet, pastel, or girly shade on your pants. In this instance I choose a light orange- something you don’t see every day!
    2. Go neutral with the top. Choosing a light colored, nude, or white shirt will tie in with the skinny jeans. It’s important the shirt has embellishments, but make sure it’s not over the top. Lace, ruffles, or buttons would do well.
    3. To tone down the random color in the jeans, I suggest going for tall brown boots which will hide the lower part of your jeans. Now your look only has a small amount of the pastel color on your jeans peeking out.
    4. Of course pearl or diamond earrings would go best since they dress up the look. I also added a Michael Kors watch and Kate Spade bracelets. Gold, stackable bracelets look good with pearls or diamonds, and go well against colored jeans. (Silver looks better with denim, blue, or red skinny jeans)

    Those are the four steps to creating a look which will impress people of your first day of work, first day of a club meeting, or even first day of school.

    Hope this article gives inspiration, and I would love to know what you guys think I should give advice on next!
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